Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Just Kidding

PUTRAJAYA: Civil servants should change their lifestyle if they are
finding it hard to cope,and not seek part-time work.
Public Service Department director-general Tan Sri Ismail Adam
Said their productivity and performance would inevitably be affected
if they sought part-time work.

“Many heads of department are reluctant to approve such requests
because they want to make sure their staff are not too tired to carry out their
day jobs.”he said in an interview yesterday.
THE STAR.Page N12(12th June 08)

P/s:Tak lama lagi buku motivasi Ubah Gaya Hidup mesti berlambak keluar..ha..ha


benHARPERbenLUDIN said...

tak pun buku tajuk "CARA-CARA NAK HIDUP SUSAH"

Anonymous said...

biasalah bro..idea gomen ni oldskool,,,rakyat makin kedepan,depa masih di zaman feudal..hehe..meor