Monday, June 2, 2008

Tourism getting worst in Kuala Lipis

Sinar Harian 03 June 08 page P14.



Gosh…I wonder why politician always talking craps and rubbish!

I really doubt about this Lipis’s member of parliment statement.Tomoi nothing to do with the heavy flows of tourist coming to Kuala Lipis.If they wanna see Tomoi or Kick Boxing they will go to Thailand,not to Malaysia even more worst to Kuala Lipis.

They wont waste their money to see that martial art of Thailand perform by a kampong
youth in Kuala Lipis because it is not original at all.If it is Silat than I can count on it,because it is of cause genuinely the Malay martial art.That what we can be proud of.

Sometime I wonder what are in the mind of this people who are taking care of Kuala Lapis’s tourism industry.The politican and admistrative body, this people what have they done.Do they realized that now days the in coming of tourist to Kuala Lipis are decreasing.
In fact I would say Kuala Lipis had lost its glorious day.To the eye of tourist they like
the old Kuala Lipis,where there are still rakit’s house,kampong folks are still using
Jelai river as their highway.Those were the days when Kuala Lipis’s railway station
are so lively especially on Saturday. Saturday are so happening then, because it is the day where all the Kampong folks gather at the weekend market.

By that time Kenong Rimba Park are at his hay day.It is so popular to the foriengner.European tourist as far as from Russia come to visit this virgin jungle of Kuala Lipis.I would say it is like everyday there are people going trekking here in this park.

So I am sorry to express my opinion here,but I don’t bloody care because this is my blog.

If ever my opinion seem bias or unfair or the idea is so foolish please forgive me.But I had my point here and it is something to ponder.

Here to all the politician,admistrative body whoever it may concern,I said you people
you all never learn,without really understand what eco-tourism are,you all just wasting
all the money and dump it into all the unnecessary development. If I had to point thing,I can easily do it. For example you build a very fancy tourist information center at a far end conner close to the market place few years ago.What happen to that building now?.And yet recently you all are in the progress of renovating the old MDL’s bulding that you wanna turn it up to be a new Tourist Information Centre.What the rational here

The forestry department dumped about RM 50,000.00 building a public toilet at Tg.Kiara in Kenong Rimba Park,can any of you tell me who are throwing their shit there now.

Another very funny thing that always tickling my funny boneYou know what?!
Lipis’s Carrnival,wich happened every year without failed.They orginesed this in the named to attract tourist coming to Kuala Lipis… Can someone do me a favour this year,

Can you do me a head count please.See how many tourists are coming to Kuala Lipis
for celebration.I am sure you gonna get a bunch of Mat Rempits rather than Mat Sallehs.

To me the biggest mistake you all make here is,everything you do are just add hock
without proper planning far away from doing RnD.A lot of money wasted here.Why
not you all take a looks how Thailand manage their Eco-tourism industry. Dont just make out project so that you all can finnish the annual budget.I am sick of this craps.Bare in mind that Tourism is a very fragile industry.

Sorry about my English with a very poor grammar here.Because I speak BROKEN English perfectly.Adios

Wah berabuk gue hari ni…amik kau…ha..ha nak marah punya pasal..ha..ha


ahmad Borat said...

AGRRED with the ending...u r perfect in broken english

but no comment to those points/issues on top...haha


Just to make sure the English get a broken heart...same as Sammy Vellu did to Bahasa Malaysia.
But that the thing we miss Samy so much nowdays..ha..ha..
Tarzan English also cool man....

ahmad Borat said...

i also miss the erection guy..Mr. Maidin mamakkutty

Anonymous said...

Benar, pelancongan di Kuala Lipis memang telah musnah. Ada beberapa sebab pada pandangan saya; produk yang tak di update - masih pada tahap lama, tiada usaha bersungguh-singguh pihak berkenaan dalam memajukannya dan pihak bertanggungjawab (Jab. hutan) tidak serius dalam membangunkannya.

Terbaru, Taman Rimba Kenong menerima hampir 2 juta peruntukan untuk pembangunan dan pihak berkenaan ingin membina canopy walkway dengan biaya 1.5 juta (mungkin kerana 10% comm.) ianya dibantah kerana pembangunan harus mengikut keutamaan;- jalan raya,air dan letrik serta pertambahan bilik penginapan harus diutamakan. Ini membuatkan pihak berkenaan tidak berpuashati, maka pengusaha bumiputra terdahulu tidak disambungkan kontreknya hanya kerana memberikan cadangan yang tidak menepati kehendak pegawai berkenaan.

Pembangunan yang dilakukan hanya kerana hendakkan bajet dibelanjakan dan mendapat imbuhan dari projek berkenaan, bukan kerana ingin membangunkan produk pelancungan di Kuala Lipis.


Sorry to say it all about making fast money..ha..ha..nasib baik Tuan haji tu da belah pencen..ha..ha